Weird Star Obsession?

It's a little bit weird, but I am digging it and it's STARS! Lately, I have been obsessed with buying anything that has a star on it. Whether its a choker, a dress, a body suit or earrings, the next purchase might be a purse with sparkly stars on it, who knows. It's a trending … Continue reading Weird Star Obsession?


90s Kid

Yellow tinted glasses, chokers, embroidered tops, patched denim jeans and the list goes on of current trends that are 90s inspired and I am here for it. Glasses// H&M Button up// Thrifted at Mission 27 Jeans// Fashionnova Sneakers// Air Force Ones Choker// DIY Photography// @hvk33mx So this buttoned up top I actually thrifted from Mission … Continue reading 90s Kid