Scwarzkopf Hair Products

So I have a different kind of post today my loves! It’s about my hair!

So recently I just took out the sew-in I had and have been rocking my naturally curly hair. I still have a few relaxed ends, but its basically all NATURAL.

Schwarzkopf sent me a few hair products just in time. They sent me the 11 in one leave in and a magic volume powder for when I want to press out my hair. So far, I have been using the leave in on my hair and it works amazing! It minimizes the frizz with the extreme humidity and if you apply enough, it holds your curls in place. Very practical for the on-the-go girl (like myself).

PS….. also rocking my DIY denim choker. 🙂

IMG_2487 2

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Etsy GiveMeGlow Liquid Lipstick

Hello loves! Today I will be talking about this vendor on Etsy that sells amazing beauty products. One of the popular products that she sells are the liquid to matte lipsticks. As we know, these type of lip products are trending and everyone is always trying to find a cheaper alternative for the more expensive ones, such as Anastasia Beverly Hills and Lime crime.

The color that I got is called “The Craft“, it is a dupe for Salem by Lime Crime. It is a dark brown color, very very 90s. That is what I love about it since the 90s style is back :). I also love the creamy consistency of the products compared to Lime Crime’s very liquid consistency.

It came in really cute packaging and I love her business card as well!

Hoy les voy hablar de unos labiales que hace una chica en Etsy. Ella hace y vende diferentes productos de maquillaje, pero las mas populares son los labiales líquidos. Ella hace algunos de los mismos colores de una compañía que se llame Lime Crime. El color que yo compre se llama, “The Craft”, es el mismo color que Salem de Lime Crime. Es un marrón bien oscuro, como el estilo de los noventas.

¡Me encante con el producto tanto que voy a volver comprar de GiveMeGlow! Porfavor ve a su pagina! GiveMeGlow.




Here is the link to the shop again! GiveMeGlow

I absolutely love finding little shops on Etsy and supporting them. I will definitely be purchasing from this vendor again! ETSY LOVE!

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Have a great day/night my fashionistas!

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Hard Candy Natural Eyes Palette

HOLA MIS AMORES! HEY LOVES! Today’s post is going to be a bit different. Instead of blogging what I am wearing, I am going to blog about a new palette I bought. This technically isn’t  a review, I just want to share with you the colors and what I think about it. (Swatches included)



So this is the Hard Candy Natural Eyes Neutral Eyeshadow Palette. I believe they are only available at Wal-Mart. Let me tell you, the packing is to die for! It is so cute and I love how it is made of tin, it makes it super easy to travel with and not having to worry about it smashing.

Before I bought this palette, I heard on Youtube that this is a dupe for the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette which is around 36 dollars. I don’t own that one, but from what it looks like in the Youtube videos, Hard Candy is the exact dupe for it. It was also only 8 dollars, A STEAL!



Here are the beautiful colors that come in it. This palette brings 9 eyeshadows, 4 matte and 5 shimmer. Along with the shadows, it brings an eye primer, sponge applicator (which no one really uses) and an eyeliner.




When I first opened the palette I thought it didn’t come with any names, but all the names are listed in the how to style guide which is pretty inconvenient since I am so used to the names just being on the palette itself, but it’s all good though!




This is the swatch from the first row. I want to show you guys how it looks like on my skin tone. I have a yellow under tone just incase you wanted to know.



Second row swatch.



Third row swatch.

Sorry Coy isn’t really showing up, it is very similar to my skin color. One thing I have to say about Frisky is you have to build it up. The first swipe wasn’t too pigmented.

Overall, these eyeshadows are really pigmented and great quality. Especially for the price, OH MY GOSH I am so in love! 🙂

Now, the swatches below is the eye primer and the eyeliner that came included.



I like the primer, it is skin toned and a little on the watery side, but I make it work. The eyeliner is really pigmented and applies very easily.


Hope you guys found this helpful and buy one yourself! As soon as I saw the Youtube review I was eager to buy mine.



Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation Review

Hey loves! I wanted to make a review of this amazing product I use almost everyday. It’s the Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation.

Now, I know what a lot of you think. A tattoo foundation? Isn’t that made to cover up tattoo’s? Well, yes it is, but Kat Von D made the foundation to really cover up the imperfections on your face. What I like about the product is that it’s very buildable and it works as a concealer. So if you are looking for a concealer and a foundation in one, this is for you!

I really love that if I’m not feeling to cover my whole face with foundation, I can just conceal my problem areas and I’m out the door!

photo 1-9



What really sold me about this product is that it’s OIL FREE! So as you can tell by that statement, I have a really oily face and usually liquid foundations break me out instantly. Not the case with this one, I can have it on all day and in the heat, and my face is only a little bit oily, which minimizes my breakouts. Along with the oil free characteristic, it has a matte finish. So that’s why I can have it on and barely any oil seeps through. I use Banana powder to set the foundation though, it helps A LOT!

It says 24 hour wear, but I don’t recommend wearing makeup that long….HAHA!


photo 3-5


The only thing that I don’t agree with what the packaging says is that it’s transfer resistant. It is to an extent. We all know that makeup will rub off on your clothes, even if you’re wearing the most expensive foundation, it will transfer.

I recommend this product to women who have a lot of acne scarring or are suffering with acne. It does a phenomenal job in covering those spots. Be careful with how much you put on though, if you put a little too much on, it can get pretty cakey. It’s a thick consistency so you don’t need a lot in the first place, like pea size amount.


photo 2-11


(My color is Medium 64)

If you would like to see exactly how I apply Kat Von D Lock-it Tattoo Foundation on my face, go over to my Youtube channel DopeCuban.

Thanks for reading guys and remember to…..