I personally love an all denim look, whether it be a denim jacket with jeans, or jeans with a denim top and in this case, a denim cap with a denim dress, it’s all is so appealing to me. It’s such a classic fabric that can be changed up with the trends (from the designer’s point of view) and I absolutely love it.

For this look, I wore a lace-up Zara dress I got on sale in Chicago and my denim cap from Guess that is just to go crazy over. And my shoesssss, let’ talk about how I found out you can do custom vans and it changed my life (I am being dramatic obviously haha). I got inspired from a popular Instagrammer and basically made it all checker print in the old skool style. Vans customs is really dope for this because I am not going to see another person walking around with the same style sneakers and it’s definitely a conversation starter. I encourage you to make a custom and it’s only 80 dollars with free shipping, which I think is an amazing deal for something so unique.

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Dress// Zara
Cap// Guess
Sneakers// Custom Vans
Socks// Charlotte Russe
Glasses// Charlotte Russe

Thanks for reading!

Muchos Besos

x    o    x    o

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