From the girl who was afraid to experiment with color, now wants every color of the rainbow in jacket form.

Guys, look, I have a crazy obsession over jackets it is ridiculous and on top of that I want to own every color possible. It’s great, because I have so many options to chose from for blog posts, but my closet can’t take another “I can’t live without this” jacket. But knowing myself, I will continue buying them *inserts shrug emoji*.

This jacket I bought from and its by a company called  Worth New York. It gave me Clueless/Yeezy vibes (their yellow shearling jackets), and of course “I can’t live without this” was stuck in my head, so here we are today, writing a post about it :).

Jacket// Thredup

Shirt// Depop

Jeans// Forever 21

Backless Loafers// Amazon Fashion


*Isn’t this edit that @hvk33mx did so dope?!

PC// @hvk33mx

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Muchos Besos

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