Spring 2017’s trending colors are super vibrant and what you need in your closet. One of the colors is Pantone Greenery. I wanted to find the exact pantone color, but I definitely saw it on the runways from designers like Emilio Pucci and Balenciaga. Although their designs and styling are super high end, my version of wearing the color is everyday wearable/simple.

This jacket I actually thrifted at Goodwill and I thought the color was horrendous. I still bought it because I had seen some designers work with that color and decided it wouldn’t hurt my pockets as much. There are also rose detailing on the buttons, which is very current with the roses on everything trend. Fashion definitely comes back full circle.

Los colores de primavera para este año son extremamente vibrante y lo que necesitas en tu closet. Unos de los colores se llama Pantone Greenery. Para me es un verde feo, pero algo de lo feo me atrae ponérmelo. Diseñadores como Emilio Pucci y Balenciaga están usando ese color en las pasarelas.

Esta chaqueta la encontre en Goodwill y mi primer pensamiento fue, “Que feo esta este color.” Pero estaba barato, entonces lo compre para ver como iba a estilizarlo. Y aquí están las fotos, dime que piensas en los comentarios!

Jacket// Goodwill

Shirt// H&M

Jeans// BLK DNM

Booties// Zara


PC// @hvk33mx

Similar jacket below (couldn’t find many):

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