I am pretty convinced  that there is a metallic version to everything. Sneakers, pants, jackets, purses,heels, shirts and the list goes on. The metallic trend is something I am definitely into and everyone should try it. Even if it’s something small, like a choker or a small clutch. It just adds the extra UMPH to any outfit and will DEFINITELY make you stand out!

In this particular post though, I have a metallic bomber that I got from H&M for only 1o DOLLARS! There were so many in the sale section and I was really confused as to why there were so many on sale and why they were only 10. I got one immediately and didn’t even think twice about it :). I looked online and its actually more expensive, so go to your nearest H&M!

I styled this jacket with an all black outfit to tone it a bit down. The laced up shirt is actually a DIY from Raven Elyse Tv on Youtube, except I cropped mine. I thought it was such a cute and wearable version of the corset over a oversized tee look. I am all for the everyday wearable aesthetics being a college student!

Estoy convencida que hay una version metálica de todo. Tenis, pantalones, chaquetas, carteras, tacones, blusas y la lista nunca para. Estoy muy obsesionada con la moda de los metálicos y creo que todos uds deben de probarlo. Aunque sea algo pequeño como un choker o una carterita pequeña.

Compre esta chaqueta en H&M por solo 10 DOLARES! Estuve muy confundida porque había tantas bombers por un precio tan barato. Obviamente lo compre y estoy tan enamorada con esta chaqueta.


Shirt// DIY






PC// @hvk33mx @logan_deeter

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