Bralettes have been all the craze lately. You can wear them under a mesh shirt, under a deep V baggy sweater, or if you are bold enough, on it’s own! Rum and Coco were so kind to send me two super cute bralettes, but I just have one styled for you guys (for right now). I had a mini photoshoot in my room because I was feeling the whole aesthetic ! I fell involve with this one because it has a choker connected to it and I have been searching for one like this for the longest.

Ultimamente, los bralettes han sido una locura en la moda. Puedes ponértelas abajo una blusa de malla,  un sweater de gran tamaño o si eres brava, ponértela SOLA! Rum and Coco fueron tan amables para mandarme dos pares de bralettes, la otra vendrá pronto al blog. Esta me encanto porque tiene un choker conectado y yo estado buscando una así.



Muchos Besos

x o x o

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