This might be a little late to post, but we are still in the beginning of the new year, so I am going to share with you guys my style resolutions for this year. If you haven’t made any or just looking for a spark in your thoughts for your daily wardrobe, I hope to inspire you with mine.

  1. Stand Out!

My first goal is to stand out with my style. I live in Indiana, so the style here isn’t so great, is very behind with the times and everyone’s style is a clone for the most part. So when one stands out with a particular item of clothing, you get stares and comments which makes you question what you have on, but I am over it!

Here’s an item I just received in the mail that is really a show stopper in my opinion. It’s the dupes for the Gucci Princetons, can’t wait to wear them and feel invincible !


They aren’t the exact ones I got since they are sold out, but these ones are basically the same thing. (Link when you click the picture)

2. Don’t settle

So, you went a little crazy with the online shopping and now you just have a pile of nice clothes you want to wear, but no where to wear them? Forget all of that. WEAR THEM! So what if you are the only person wearing a fluffy fur coat and killing the game. Don’t settle for less if you hold a high standard to your aesthetics (like me).




Stuck on the same fashion routine? Black jeans, over-the-knee boots and a band tee? Get some inspiration from fashion blogs, Instagram or Tumblr! Let loose and play dress up. Go to thrifts stores and DIY what you can! Its the best way to have fun and create unique pieces.




















With inspiration from Bonobos I wanted to share something a little different.

I am going to start making posts like this more. I would love to be a contributor to an online publication, so I am trying to challenge myself more with topics and of course relate them to fashion.

Thanks for reading!

Muchos Besos x o x o

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