Hey loves! Its been a while since I last posted and I have a lot to update you with. I just finished classes for the summer and I was dealing with finals and projects, but I am currently interning in the city of…..NYC! Yes I will be here for the summer and I am super stoked about it. The company I am interning for is called BPCMย and I will be dealing a lot with samples and Fashion GPS. I am a bit overwhelmed now, but I’ll get the hang of it really soon.

Hopefully I can find someone to take amazing street pictures of me for blogging purposes, I really want to make my blog better!

So for this look (I shot back home), I am wearing a rib knit v-neck from Charlotte Russe, these suede shorts I have mentioned before from H&M, some Adidas originals from NYC Soles and grid socks from a website called www.icrecreamcake.storenvy.com.





Thank you so much for reading!

Muchos Besos

x o x o



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