So here we go with the weather changing days. One day it’s really nice and warm outside and the next is all windy and extremely cold, but for those weird in-between days you’ll usually be good with a sweater. This olive colored turtleneck sweater I got from Forever 21 is very comfortable and warm for those chilly days. On this particular day it was pretty chilly outside so I had to wear a coat on top of it, but the sweater kept me warm while I was shooting this.

I personally really love over sized sweaters, so I’m trying to wear them as long as I can. 😀

Ya empezó el cambio de temperatura. Un día esta bien calentico y el proximo día la temperatura baja y con viento arriba de eso. Pero para los días intermedios usualmente un sweater puede servirte muy bien! Este sweater de cuello tortuga de color oliva lo compre en Forever 21. En este día en particular, yo tuve que ponerme un abrigo porque había un poco de frío.

Sweater/Forever 21



Purse/Thrifted Genuine Leather







Thank you so much for reading!
Muchos besos
x o x o



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