Hey to you all! Back at it again with some colorful backgrounds! Yesterday was such a beautiful day compared to the days we have been having. There was a blizzard about 2 days ago and today was about 35 and sunny, what an amazing difference.

So, my friend Hope, who is in the same major as mine, took some pictures for me yesterday in the nice weather and I am excited to share my outfit of the day.

I wore a salt and pepper colored cardigan from H&M, a grey loose turtleneck from Macy’s (I think it’s supposed to be a dress, but I’m too tall) and some deep red velvet leggings from Kohl’s paired with doc marten inspired boots from Target (target is the spot for shoes, check them out!)

*Similar items will be listed at the end*









PS….I had just got out of class 🙂 By the way, I got that real leather shearling coat at the Goodwill for only 7.48. That was a serious steal and it is so warm, I thank God for that store. 😀

As always, thanks for reading!

Muchos Besos




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