I have really been into most of this season’s colors. For this post I am wearing the colors olive and taupe. Taupe colored boots or how Forever 21 described them “olive colored” (I don’t see why they call it that), look really chic and gives a touch of elegance. The suede-like material it is made out of also adds to the chicness. (By the way, I am currently obsessed with suede-like articles of clothing.) It is really good to wear if you are going for a casual elegant type of look and on the plus side, it keeps you warm.

The olive colored scarf/shawl I am wearing is also from Forever 21 and it is the cutest thing ever. I am loving the wearing-a-scarf-as-a-cardigan trend. Again, it adds class to an outfit and buying it in the IT color of the season makes it 10 times as chic. You could also use it as a layering piece and casually SLAY everyone around you.

I recently have been getting into putting little puff ball key chains on my purses. I have this maroon one and a grey one from H&M.


Shawl: FOREVER 21


Boots: FOREVER 21


Puff ball: H&M







I appreciate you for reading !!!

Muchos Besos xoxo


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