Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving with their families and enjoying great food! Yesterday I went to a Thanksgiving church service and this is what I wore.

The maroon cardigan is from a store called Von’s that is a local store in my college’s town. It is really thin, so you have to wear a jacket with it. The sleeveless turtleneck is from Rue 21, it was only 3 dollars! What a steal, right? The black jeans are from a goodwill in New York and the booties are from boohoo.com (I wore them as well in my previous post).

Feliz Dia de Acción de Gracias a todos. Espero que la estas pasando bien con su familia y disfrutando de la comida rica. Ayer fui al servicio de Acción de Gracias y esto fue lo que me puse.


Cardigan: Von’s

Top: Rue 21

Jeans: Thrifted at Goodwill 

Booties: Boohoo.com 

Purse: BCBG 



When your hair flip turns out perfect!




When your other hair flip turns out perfect!

Thanks again for reading! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Muchos Besos





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