I am so excited to finally share with you all my TRIP TO NYC! It was seriously one of the best trips I have had in my life, not only because NYC is the goal to live at, but because I was there during New York Fashion Week. Although there were many hiccups on the way getting there, I made it and I feel so accomplished now! I have already set my next goal for the next time that I go, you know it never stops!

One of the reasons why I went is because I assisted a designer with her collection debut for Small Boutique Fashion Week (SBFW) during NYFW. I learned a lot from helping and I was definitely outside of my comfort zone. But because of that, amazing things happened. Her designs and models looked great on the runway. Backstage is complete chaos, pulling models and getting them dressed in a couple of minutes. I have experience backstage in fashion shows because I am usually the model, but it was a learning experience being the assistant and getting models dressed instead. I will definitely do it again! MORE information and pictures will be in my next post NYFW DAY 2.

These pictures are from my first day in New York, I have so many it would be too much for just one post.




Eating at Le Pain Quotidien, I had a yummy tartine!


IMG_2841 2


We just hit the city as soon as we landed and this is what I changed into.


Skort: GAP

Sandals: MARSHALL’S 



This is at Union Square (I think).


The apartment we stayed at has this beautiful scenery from the balcony.




Then at night, the lady in the middle took us to the Empire State Building. I’m so grateful she took us and especially on 9/11.


This is my friend I traveled to New York with. You should check out her Instagram @ariindianapolis and her website is www.ariindianapolis.com. She is a really dope chick and her style IS TO DIE FOR!


“New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.”


September 11th Memorial. It was such a humbling experience looking at the lights from “Tribute in Light” ,coming from a vacant lot right across from Ground Zero. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the families.


IMG_2839 2



After visiting the Empire State, my two other friends and I hit the city to explore and meet up with some other people that came from Indy as well!

By the way, it is literally a sauna in these subway stations, if you didn’t know. :-D.



The Stylish Squad. Left @ash_chew (www.ashleybchew.squarespace.com), Middle @ariindianapolis and me @dope_cubann.

Well that’s it for day one. I hope you enjoyed reading and stay tuned for my next post about NYC.

Muchos Besos




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