Hello to all you fashionistas ! I know I haven’t posted in a while, school just started so I am in a different environment that taking pictures is a little bit difficult. Let’s see how it works out though.

This jumpsuit I got on my trip to South Beach. The Forever 21 over there is really on another level that I can’t even explain. I loved it. Now, the crazy thing about this jumpsuit, is that it was way too long. I actually had to shorten by a lot. It is very odd in my case because I am a fairly tall person and usually jumpsuits fit like high waters on me. I’d rather buy something too long any day (the struggles of a tall person).

I the casual vibe this gives off. Usually jumpsuits can be super dressed up and intimidating, but with the print on this one, it made it super easy.

Hola que tal a todos! Acabo de empezar la universidad otras vez que significa que no puedo bloguear tanto como quiero. Vamos a ver si en el futuro va ser possible hacerlo mas frequente.

Lo que me tengo puesto es como un overol. Lo compre en el Forever 21 de South Beach. El look es muy bohemio y relajado, perfecto para un día de clases. Me queda un poco largo pero prefiero eso que muy corto. ¡Es una lucha ser muy alta!

Jumpsuit: FOREVER 21

Sandals: KMART






Thank you for reading !

Muchos Besos xoxo!



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