Hello fashionistas! Today I wanted to share a super casual everyday outfit that you could wear to class or even a meet up with your friends.

I decided to change the scenery and head over to my neighborhood park, but shortly after taking a couple good pictures (literally the ones you are looking at right now), I got bombarded by children. At least I got two good photos in!

I decided to keep it simple by wearing a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. I love the color of the slightly hi-lo top and of course I had to wear my favorite boyfriend jeans. The color of the top and the super ripped up jeans give the outfit some type of uniqueness.


Hola fashionistas! Este outfit es super casual que se puede poner para la escuela o para reunirse con sus amistades.

Yo quise cambiar el escenario y fui al parke de la vecindad. Solo tuve tiempo de tomar dos fotos buenas antes que los muchachos bombardearon mi session de fotos. ¡Pero aquí esta para que ustedes vean! Quise mantener el look simple. El color de la blusa y los pantalones rotos es lo que da un poco de unicidad al outfit.




Top: MOM’S CLOSET (Not a store, it’s literally from my mom’s closet)

Boyfriend Jeans: FOREVER 21

Sandals: FOREVER 21

Thanks for reading!

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