Hello to all my readers! It has been longer than usual since I have written a post. I have been working at Gordmans as an assistant e-commerce stylist which requires long hours, so I haven’t had the chance to post about my AMAZING trip to MIAMI!

I went with 5 other people on this trip and it was such a blessing to have been surrounded by each and every one of them. Now, as soon as we got off the plane all I heard was my Cuban people! It is the obvious since it is Miami, but it is such a great feeling to be in a city practically ran by your own people.

The hotel room we stayed at literally looked like an apartment. It had walk-in closets, a full kitchen with pots and silverware, living room and a super cute dining table. I was freaking out of excitement! Little ol’ Indiana girl living it up in South Beach, Miami.

First destination was THE BEACH! Our hotel was next to the ocean which was a plus.



This was the balcony to the suite.

Sheer Cardigan: ALIEXPRESS

Bikini : H&M 

Shorts: FOREVER 21









After we got back from the beach, everybody washed up and changed to go find a place to eat at in South Beach. While we were waiting for a bus to come, I decided to have some pictures taken because the scenery was just too beautiful to miss!

This was the Miami Beach Yacht port, it is not in the picture but on the other side of the waters were huge and beautiful mansions! Can I say motivation?!



Top: H&M

Skort: GAP

Sandals: FOREVER 21

Alright, so if you haven’t read my bio on here I am a signed model with a mother-agency named LModelz. It is the goal to get signed with a an agency in a big city. So my agent set up appointments for me for go-sees with Next Models and Wilhelmina. A go-see is basically an audition, the agent will take digitals of you, measure your height and get a feel for your personality. It can be very intimidating, but just like anything else, you have to push through! I’m still waiting to hear back, but whatever happens I am thankful I got to experience a go-see with Next and Wilhelmina. It also means to work harder :).







I also had a mini photoshoot after the Wilhelmina go-see at the hotel they are located in. The Willy models that live in those model apartments are really living the life!

My photographer was my boyfriends brothers girlfriend! She is taking photography classes and is learning to use the camera more to shoot models and she did a great job!




The rest of the pictures are just the ones I took/Jackie did through out the trip!




Jacky the photographer took this one! I love it so much, it really shows how happy I was to be there!




Bralette: FOREVER 21

Top: ZARA 

Shorts that are not showing: FOREVER 21

Sandals: KMART (I know right?!) 



The three ladies of the trip and Leslie’s (my mother agent) BIRTHDAY!

Thank you all for reading !

Muchos Besos xoxo

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