For those days where you feel super casual but want to individualistic at the same time, I recommend wearing something that is very YOU. In my case, I love wearing tattoo chokers or chokers of any kind. It adds an instant grunge/hipster vibe to your outfit. In my case again, to a basic outfit.

I also paired my ugly/cute sandals to make this look very 90s.


Para esos dias que te sientes super casual pero al mismo tiempo quieres ser individualista con tu ropaje, recomiendo que te pongas algo que te describa a ti. En mi caso, me encanta ponerme tattoo chokers o chokers de cualquier tipo. Los chokers da un look de hipster instantáneamente. ¡Yo siempre estoy andando  con esos puestos! 

También me puse mis sandalias que son medias feitas porque son como del estilo de los 90s.

Photo Jul 21


Photo Jul 21-4


Photo Jul 21-3


Photo Jul 21-7


Photo Jul 21-6


Photo Jul 21-8


Photo Jul 21-9


PS…I tried changing background colors with Facetune and this is how it turned out. What do you guys think about it? Let me know in the comments!

Crop top: EXPRESS

Jeans: HM

Sandals: KMART




Here are the items/similar items listed above from Polyvore.

Thanks for reading my lovely fashionistas.

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Muchos Besos xoxo



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