A world of fashion bloggers, stylists, designers, marketers and the list goes on, in one room. That’s what Simply Stylist was all about. It was such a great learning experience and getting to hear how influential bloggers started their careers. I really needed that inspiration in my life. I thank my model agent for telling me about this conference that I will never forget. (PS these were all taken on my phone so sorry for the quality in some pictures)




I got to meet several bloggers, a makeup artist and a stylist doing it big in the industry. It was great to hear their stories of how they began and how similar it sounds to me right now. It gives an Indiana girl like me hope in the fashion blogging industry, as well as getting my foot in the door with being a buyer.



I got to meet the creator of the blog Damsel in Dior, Jacey Durpie @damselindior, and her story was incredible. She talked about how she left her day job to give her blog 100 percent and really kick it off. Well, it has been successful for her, I’m so happy for her! (Catt Sadler from E!News in the back)




Next I met Joey Maalouf @joeymaalouf, celebrity hair and makeup artist. It was great to hear his uprising from Detroit, anything is very much possible. By the way, he gives me so much life, HILARIOUS!




Now this guy is a whole character! His name is Marcellas Reynolds @marqueemarc and he is a traveling wardrobe stylist. He gave us tips on how to start being a stylist and stylist kit essentials. Loved hearing his story as well!




Oh my gosh this lady is so adorable, nice and super sweet. She is Sazan Barzani @sazanbarzani and is a Fashion Blogger and Youtuber. I told her that I am currently going through a name change (stay tuned) and how I am not to sure of a new name. She gave me great advice and told me to avoid what she did, it is better do it now at the early stages.




Last but not least, the found of Simply Stylist, Sarah P. Boyd @sarahpboyd, she was such a sweetheart. I admire her for putting together these great events. I love how she came up with the idea to connect influential bloggers and stylists with amateurs (like me) and to be able to learn from them and have one-on-one conversations. Big props!



What I wore to the event…..

Blouse: H&M 



Hat: H&M 














Meet my lovely agent! She was amazing to be with at the event, trying to get my networking skills up!




To the left was a Chicago stylist. So gorgeous and obviously stylish!








Alright, so since I had to go back to Indy the same day on the bus, I had to change back into my comfy clothes. I kid you not, as soon as I stepped foot outside BOOM, a photographer/blogger wants to snap pictures of my super casual and laid back fit. I just want to say the Lord is being so good to me. It has been a dream of mine to get captured in my street style in a big city. Up next, NYC!  Check my instagram for behind the scenes of her shooting me.





Top: WALMART (crazy I know!)

Jeans: FOREVER 21 

Sandals: H&M

Hat: H&M 

PS those goodie bags where the bomb. I have never received a goodie bag that big. Thank you Simply Stylist Chicago! I would love to go next year again!

Thanks for sticking it out through this long post, but I had to add everything to share with you all!

Muchos Besos xoxo



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