White, its so beautiful and pure to wear, yet so worrisome. I used to not take the risk of wearing all white because I didn’t want my clothes to get all stained and ugly. But then I thought, “You only live once”, so now I just put it on and think I am not going to get myself dirty. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s only clothes, easily replaceable!

I wanted to look super chic and crisp today because I felt inspired from Simply Stylist Chicago (more about that in my next blog post). I loved everybody’s style in the Windy City, so I tried out an off-white thrifted chiffon blouse and some white jeans. It is super simple (which I have been into lately), but extremely chic for the hot and humid temperatures.


(Spanish Recap)

Blanco, es tan bello y puro de ponerse, pero al mismo tiempo preocupante. Antes yo nunca tomava riesgos de ponerme todo blanco. Siempre tuve miedo de mancharme y después no tener nada blanco de ponerme. Pero después realicé que es una vida sola, hay que tomar riesgos por el estilo. Ya veras!


Jeans/Pantalones de Mezclilla: AMERICAN EAGLE

Sandals/Sandalias: DIRTY LAUNDRY 

Purse/Cartera: CALVIN KLEIN








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Muchos Besos ! xoxo



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