I hope everyone had a safe and blessed Fourth of July weekend. Mine was pretty eventful, but really chill at the same time. I can’t really complain!

So basically, I slept the whole morning and afternoon on the actual fourth. It sounds so lazy I know, but the fourth is just one of those holidays I never go all out for or any of my immediate family.

Well, I eventually got up and started getting all festive for whatever last minute plans that could’ve come my way with my lovely boyfriend. I got to his house and was on my phone/relaxing a bit, while he was getting his clothes together,  still waiting for any plans. In that waiting period, I took some pictures outside (you know, the usual) and this is what I wore!







Top: Thrifted

Shorts: eBAy here

Sandals: KMart here

Necklace: Forever 21

I decided that I didn’t want to obviously wear the colors of the flag, just subtle hints. Alright, so if you read my blog post, “Matching the Sky“, you see that these shorts look exactly like that top. Well, these are the shorts to that two piece set. Super cute right? I also wore my Kmart sandals for the first time, and I must say, I am impressed by how cute they are! These shoes remind me of some sandals I had when I was a child, but you know the 90s are back and being embraced!  

For my lips, since I knew that the obvious color to wear is bright red. I just decided to wear a deep red with brown liner together. The color turned out beautiful!

So continuing on with my day, we kept waiting and waiting and nothing. Overall, things got complicated and my boyfriend and I decided to go on a little trip to this little strip in Indy called Broadripple. It is such a dope place. There are so many local restaurants and stores in that area that are super cute and great to try out!

We ended up just walking around while taking many dope pictures. I couldn’t wait to show you all how great these turned out and how good of a photographer my boyfriend is (he was so proud of himself)!



















Here goes my handsome love <3.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures that came with our shenanigans ! Thanks for reading and….



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