Hello loves! I have recently started a collab with and I am super excited for this amazing oppourtunity! So, I wanted to share this really great giveaway they are doing, FREE FLASH TATTOOS! As we all may know, these are really trending for the summer and to wear to festivals and such. I actually wear these ALOT! I don’t have any close ups of me wearing them, but I will next time I put them on.

I love how they look and the different body parts you can place them on!

Images via Google


Images via Google


Images via Google


Images via Google


Images via Google
Images via Google
Images via Google


As you can see these look amazing on any part of your body! If you want some just head over to style moi and get your free flash tattoos! Use the link right here !


1. Must sign up for emails

2. Fee of paying for shipping (4 dollars)

Paying for shipping is basically nothing, considering the original price of the tattoos are 30 dollars. This is a steal!

Thank you for reading and I hope you go and get your free trending flash tattoos!

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