Every Sunday in my household is very eventful. Now this past Sunday was even more jam-packed than usual! As we all know it was Father’s Day (picture on the gram), so after church on Sunday the ladies prepared an amazing potluck and finished it off with the tastiest cake ever! Three milks cake I believe it’s called in english (tres leches). It was very nice and fun!

So for this nice and happy day for celebrating fathers, I decided to wear a tropical outfit that screams happiness. I wore an H&M shirt/dress and paired it with camel colored leggings from Forever 21 (I’m too obsessed over that store). The reason why I call the H&M piece a dress and a shirt is because it is short enough to be considered a shirt for me (tall people problems), but also long enough to be considered an actually dress (it’s super short on me though). So for Sunday’s service of course I had to keep it conservative and paired the leggings with it. I decided on that camel color because it completed the H&M shirt/dress very well.

Top: H&M

Leggings: FOREVER 21


Dia de fam1


Dia de fam2




Right after getting our grub on at church, my parents and I went to a festival called, “Dia De La Familia”, which literally means the day of the family. It was basically just latin music playing with food vendors all over the park. I met my friend and her boyfriend there as well and we walked around and ate amazing mango ice cream with chile deserts.

Dia de fam5


Dia de fam6


After a while my friends and I ventured off into the city’s canal and sat to take a breather. As we sat down, I saw some beautiful walls I’ve been meaning to take pictures with but never had the chance to. I had my camera with me on this day, so I thought, why not?

I changed prior to coming to the festival to be more casual and able to move. I’m glad I chose such a simple outfit, it contrasted well with the wall.


Pants: H&M 



Dia de fam4


Dia de fam3


Dia de fam

P.S, sorry for posting this so late in the week. I have been so busy with work I barely have time for anything.


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