This past Saturday was super hectic for me! I had to wake up at 6:30am to head over to the Indiana Latino Expo. I am in a church praise team and we had to sing at 8:30am, so that was crazy early for me. We all had a shirt to wear, but knowing me, I brought a top to change in so I could really feel comfortable in my attire.

I decided to keep it light and airy since I knew it was going to be hot that day. I decided to wear a top from a two piece set I got from eBay, the link will be at the end of this post! I saw a Youtuber do an eBay clothing haul, and when I saw that she showed that set, I said, “I HAVE TO GET THAT!” When I saw the color of it, it reminded me of the sky. I’m loving  pastel/light colored clothing. The best part of the set for me was, that it was very affordable and super trendy. I decided not to wear the bottoms to the two piece because it was too short for the event that I was attending, maybe when I go to a festival of some sort I can wear it.

One cute detail that I loved about this top is the elephant. It’s so different, yet cute. Now, the backpack that I am wearing is made by Mexicans I believe. At the Latino Expo there were many places to buy authentic hispanic products, so I got that! I have also been searching for a cute backpack for the longest, and I feel like it suits me. I paired it with this outfit because it is the same style, boho/a laid back chill look.


Top: eBAY (link at the bottom)


Sandals: FOREVER 21












Thank you for reading!

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