So I have a problem…I have “wearing black all the time” syndrome. On gorgeous summer days I still like wearing an all black outfit. It is so classy to me and I don’t have to worry about clashing, but I am trying to veer off of it though! For this outfit of the day, I decided to keep it super light with an all white outfit and a jean studded vest on top. When wearing all white I feel like you look effortlessly crisp. You do have to be careful with everything though, the annoying part. At the end it is all worth it when you are turning heads!
I wanted to keep the white top plain and basic because the jean vest is super studded and it is moto style as well. That is what I love about this vest. It is not a basic jean vest, but it gives off a rocker vibe. I bought it when I used to work at Forever 21, I saw everything that went on sale and I had to get my hands on this vest! The whole time I worked at that store I basically gave them their money back. It was too hard to resist! ๐Ÿ˜€

















I will have similiar items at the end of this post from my polyvore to share with you! I couldn’t find a vest in the exact light blue, but I found other options.ย 

Jean Vest:ย FOREVER 21



Sandals:ย FOREVER 21 ย 

I also love this little bun I am rocking! Especially with the choker, total 90s babe!

P.S., I am transitioning into my natural hair and I am trying to do more natural hairstyles, this one was a braid out. It is a huge learning process and I hope it turns out great in the end!

Thanks for reading and…



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