Do you ever go out shopping and look at the prices of shorts and think, “Why is this ridiculously expensive for less than half a pair of jeans?” I know I do all the time! I usually just go to a thrift store (not Goodwill) and buy a high waisted pair and cut them. If I mess them up it would have only spent around 3 dollars so it’s not the end of the world!

Although, through out the years of making DIY shorts, I have my 2 favorites. For the black pair I basically just cut them at an angle and added studs to it and the other pair I did a similar cut and bleached it. There are so many Youtube videos on that, you probably have already watched millions of them like myself!

My first favorite pair are these black ones. I like the vintage vibe they give off since the jean is kind of worn out. (I was going for that look when I customized them).







My second favorite pair are these Tommy Hilfiger jeans I found, (I was too excited when I saw them in my size), I jazzed them up by bleaching them and they have been great to me so far!







Thank you fashionistas for reading and until next time!!!


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