Summer equals pool party season! I personally have not been invited to one yet, but I am ready once the time comes with these must haves for any pool gathering. I have created a Polyvore layout of my must-haves (and what I need to get) for this summer.

Now, the twist on this is that I have chose all eco-friendly products to share with you all. All of these companies either re-use materials to make their clothing, or use environmentally friendly materials. I feel like the companies that are doing this or implementing it into their collections are doing such a beautiful thing to help out the environment, while staying fashion forward.



1. This particular suit is actually made with fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles. And as you may know or not, crisscross/strappy bathing suits are totally trending this season, so by buying from this company, you will be getting the best of both worlds! The print of this suit is so vibrant and colorful, all the heads will really be turning when you slide this on!

2. Now, you are done being in the pool and you want to change and look fashionable as well. I got something for you! Instead of wearing the basic tank-top and jean shorts, go for something like that. The lace bralette is also another garment from One of the reasons why I recommend wearing this bralette is because when you are at a pool setting, it’s not frowned upon wearing a little bralette, since everyone else in their swimsuits. Perfect time to whip it out for the world to see!

3. This designer is actually a local designer I have strutted the runway for. A special thing about her is that she partners with different organizations around the world to produce the clothing. Many of the garments on her site are made from recycled materials. This particular skirt is made from Himalayan Tapestry and the print is traditional Indian hand block. When you buy garments like this, no two are the same. You can definitely say you have an original.

4. We all need a pool bag to carry our necessities in (no one wants to damage their nice purses), so I chose the jute tote bag. It is made with natural jute fiber and it’s reusable and biodegradable. It is pretty simple, but that is the exact reason why I chose it. Everything else in the layout is pretty out there, so keeping the tote simple is good.

5. What I love about these sunnies are that they have little palm trees on the side. Giving it the beach vibe of things. I do have one little issue I just encountered though, after I made the layout and started writing about this website, I read at the bottom that this is a wholesale company. They only sell in quantities, I am so sorry for that but here are some similar sunnies from

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog and leave any comments on what you think down below. I have just started using Polyvore, so I decided to show you all my skills on layouts! 😀

Thanks for reading and remember to….



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