I haven’t posted anything about modeling in a while! I promise I will do more of these. I love sharing what I do with you guys through a blog post. I mean, I do it all in the time through social media, but I can write extensively about it on this platform.

So, about two weeks ago I got the news that a photo shoot I did during spring break was accepted into a magazine called Elegant Magazine. The photo shoot was a submission, so nobody knew if it was going to get published or not. So when my agent sent the other model and I the pictures and the great news, I started jumping for joy! This is my first time being published and in a magazine based in California for that matter!

The theme of the editorial spread was old school style at a skate rink. Trying to model in skates is not easy at all! I almost fell so many times, but it turned out great and I am thankful I got booked for this amazing project. The photographer, makeup artist, hair stylist and stylist did a phenomenal job!

I am signed with LModelz Model Management, here is my online portfolio as well www.lmodelz.com.






Until next time my fashionistas!



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