SUMMER IS HERE!! (Technically it doesn’t start until June), but it sure feels like it! With the summer weather comes boho style and Coachella inspired outfits. I personally love the Coachella looks, it is so different yet it is functional for the hot HOT temperatures. It’s crazy to think how a music festival became into a style of dressing. And every year the festival keeps getting bigger and bigger with more companies hosting pool parties and such. H&M was the first store to open a pop up shop in the actual festival which is pretty dope! H&M loves Coachella!

Let’s get into the outfits though! The first one is a dress I got at Rue 21. I was so surprised that they were selling this cute dress!! It’s so boho/Coachella and super laid back. What I like about this dress is that it has little elephants going vertically across and the off-the-shoulder sleeves with a strap holding it up.





Moving on to outfit #2, this one I wore to an art and music event called UPRSNG. An upcoming post will be dedicated solely to that so stay tuned! But, I decided to stay in the Coachella vibe of things and wore a white ruffle top from Target and light brown suede shorts from H&M with my Calvin Klein bag (I call it my Olivia Pope bag! :D)  I had to keep it light and airy because it was extremely hot! Like I said before, I really like the functionality of boho style, a lot of people veer off into just a tank top and jean shorts, (there’s nothing wrong with that either), but try out new looks! I promise you won’t regret it!




Now, moving on to the last outfit! I wore this today to church for Mothers Day. It’s not a complete boho outfit because it has a mixture of minimalism, but it has a lot of boho style elements. My kimono was thrifted, the top I am wearing is from H&M as well as the fringe purse and the white jeans are from American Eagle.




Thank you all for reading and to the readers that support me THANK YOU SO MUCH I really appreciate it! Have a wonderful day my loves!






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