What a beautiful weekend it has been! Yet throughout the week it decides to be extremely cold for the spring season. Hopefully it stays like this! But this outfit of the day was from about 3 days ago that I haven’t had the chance to blog about.

Although it was chilly that day and usually my first instinct is to go to dark colored clothing, I decided to be warm but wear light colors at the same time. I still have the same hairstyle from my previous post, it’s been trending quite a lot recently. What do you think about it? I didn’t like it at first, but I think the way to pull it off is having a messy small bun instead of a big over-the-top looking bun.

Back to the outfit though! I made the slits in the jean leggings to give them a different look and also, I accidentally got caught in something and it made a hole in them, making them impossible to wear. I wanted to bring them back so I cut them a bit.



I was tying up the shirt because it is loose enough to do that. I’ve done it before!









It was very chilly that day so I added this camel colored light coat to go along with the light color palette.






( I know it’s not the biggest bubble but I tried so many times! Haha)


Top: Zara TRF

Bottoms: Topshop

Shoes: Converse

Coat: Aliexpress

Choker: Blackmore’s Treasures on Etsy (I’ve been obsessing over it lately.)


Thanks for reading !




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