Hey loves! I am coming to you today with a different type of post. This past Saturday I was a commercial extra for Coke Zero because the Final Four was held in Indianapolis. The whole event was pretty much a Coke Zero wonderland, free cokes and even a billboard full of coke to drink! It was a very crazy weekend, but I had fun every second of it.

Being a Coke Zero extra was such a new experience and I am so thankful they booked me for the job! I love how modeling has made me do so many cool jobs and meet new people from all over the States. The film producers and the film agency actually came from New York to film the commercial, it was neat conversing with them and we talked about how Indy is obviously way different than the Big Apple.

So basically, four of us were the last group to film, my model sister and I (#LModelz) , and then two other guys from different agencies. All of the shots were outdoors and we filmed for about 7-8 hours. Since all of the shots were outside and the estimated amount of people in downtown Indy was about 80,000, every time we were recording, everybody would just look at us like “Who are they?!” We felt pretty cool, reality TV star status!

Speaking of stars, Rihanna was one of the headlining performers for the March Madness Music Festival  and we were so nervous trying to figure out how we could get closer to the front after filming. She was scheduled to perform after the final game on Saturday, which was around 8:30pm. It was around 7:30pm and the four of us were just waiting to be directed for the next scene and some Coke Zero workers came to us and asked if we liked Rihanna, we said “YES YES!” They asked us to sing a song of hers and BOOM, they gave us VIP passes to see her up and close. I honestly started tearing up and yelling so hard, Rihanna is one of my favorite artists and to be able to see her for free and super close was seriously a blessing.



Pictures of us taking selfies 🙂




The camera crew behind me, they were taking a break there, but they were filming us just having fun sipping on a Coke Zero. Did I forget to tell you we drank Coke Zero for 7-8 hours straight….yes very crazy ! 😀







The Saturday Coke Zero extras! 🙂






The selfies that came out of the crew filming us taking selfies, I love my job !!



Our VIP wrist bands to see Rihanna!! We were literally freaking out while taking this picture.



All of the people behind me, so many people showed up it was AMAZING.






This was such a great experience, I hope to do something like this again in the future!



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