Hey loves! I hope everyone is having a good day so far! I this post I am going to show you guys one of my recent purchases which is my faux fur jacket that I am in love with! I was on the hunt for the perfect looking jacket at a perfect price, and I finally have one in my hands (technically on my body), but you know what I mean!

I bought the faux fur jacket at www.boohoo.com for about 40 dollars. If the jacket is still available I will have the link to that under the pictures.

So, I basically wore this outfit to eat a great tasting Cuban sandwich at Taste of Havana in Indianapolis. When I say they have the one of the best tasting cuban sandwiches, I am telling the complete truth! Out of all the places I have ate Cuban sandwiches in Florida, they are at my top 3! I will also have a picture of the pork sandwich I ate, AKA Pan con Lechon 😀 . Don’t salivate too much on me! Kidding! 🙂




Faux Fur Jacket: boohoo.com (I didn’t find this specific jacket but I linked the similar ones.)



Sweater Crop Top: H&M


Leggings: H&M



Platform Sneakers: Urban Outfitters




Sandwich: Taste of Havana  

Thanks for reading !




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