Hola amores!!! Hey loves!! The weather is finally getting warmer and it’s actually not a hassle to step outside anymore. Such an exciting thing, especially for all the college kids on big campuses like myself.

As we all know with warmer weather comes less layering (I love layering but I am getting sick of it) and florals and bright colors and what not. The look I am wearing is based off of the temperature heating up (45 F is amazing weather compared to 5 F what I’ve been living in lately) and being able to just throw on a simple pea coat.


Top(if you are tall like me)/Dress: Forever 21

Pant Leggings: Forever 21 here

Shoes: Converse



As you can see I also added a tattoo choker to the outfit to make it more casual and to give off a 90s vibe πŸ™‚


Peacoat: Old Navy here


I just HAD to include a silly picture! I was on my actual toes, shoutout to my boyfriend for capturing it at the right moment!

Best wishes to all and have a great spring break or hope you had a great spring break!



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