Hey loves! Now, as we all know Alexander Wang’s designs are absolutely phenomenal but, the price tag isn’t so appealing. One thing that has stood out to me from all  his collections is the parental advisory explicit crew neck. If you don’t know what I’m talking about here it is down below.


The retail price for this crew neck is $995. OUCH! But don’t worry guys I have my own version of this dope piece. I will say its not a replica but it’s an inspired crew neck. I would link it, but I got it on sale in an actual Zara store just randomly.

I have actually posted the crew neck I am about to show on my blog. It was my Zara haul at Chicago. I haven’t worn it until this past Saturday, because it is getting cooler here where I live. I love how Zara has a lot of affordable clothing that is inspired by the luxury designers. If only I could go to a physical store more often, I would be in fashion heaven!

photo 4-7


Now as you can see, there are more and smaller mesh stripes than the Wang one. I actually like it like that because I don’t like exposing too much, especially if I am trying to keep warmer. And instead of the parental advisory explicit logo, this crew neck just says “Tell me yes”.When I first saw it in the store, the Alexander Wang crew neck popped in my head and I was going to get it no matter what!

photo 3-14


photo 2-22


photo 1-19


Well I hope you guys liked this version of something similar to Alexander Wang. If you want more of these types of posts just comment and I will do more!



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