Hey loves ! I just wanted to share with you one of my outfits from last week that I was so excited to wear. I’m really digging this look.

I’ve really been into palazzo pants lately. I just like that it gives my straight body more curve to it. Anything that makes me look more curvy I’ll wear it! I also really like the print of the pants, it’s such a hippie look, which I am not afraid to rock.

NOW, lets talk about the top. I am so in-love with it! The simplicity of it with the word “Celfie” makes it so versatile yet bold. And then again, who doesn’t like taking selfies?


BOTTOMS: See You Monday from TJ Maxx

SHOES: Target

PURSEDooney and Bourke



photo 2-20                           photo 2-21

photo 3-12                           photo 3-13

photo 1-18                  photo 5-2

photo 5-3                  photo-36



The Dooney and Bourke purse was actually my 21st birthday present from my parents! I really love that purse A LOT!

More is going to keep on coming since I figured out where I can take pictures in my dorm room. Until next time!






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