Hey loves!

I’m sure that everyone who is reading this right now owns a pair of converse/chuck taylors. It’s a very classic shoe that will never go out of style and literally goes with everything! That’s a main reason why they are so popular. I myself prefer the high tops because I feel like it make my legs look better. We all have our personal preferences but all in all, they are the same!

Now, with being a college student, these have been my go to shoes! Comfortable yet stylish, all-in-one!



Top: Thrifted

Shorts: Thrifted DIY

Shoes: Chuck Taylors

photo 1-16

photo 2-19

photo 3-11





Top: Thrifted DIY

Pants: Bluehill Denim @Pacsun

Shoes: Chuck Taylors

Chokers: Tattoo Choker DIY, Beaded Choker Local


photo 2-18

photo 4-4

photo 3-10

photo 1-15


Thanks for reading and remember toooooo



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