Hey loves ! I have been MIA because I oddly haven’t had anything to post about. It’s summer vacation and I’m counting down the days when I have to back to college!

Now, last saturday I went to a quinceñera, (its a girl’s 15 year old celebration in the latino culture and they make a huge party, kind of like a sweet 16) and you know I had to really dress up! I love getting all primped up, but I never have anywhere to go. Well now here’s the result of me getting dressed up with somewhere to go!

photo 1-13


Dress : Pitaya

Heels: Target

Purse: Prada (local thrift store) good find right?!


photo 1-12


photo 4-1



Thanks for reading and remember to…





5 thoughts on “Playing Dress Up

  1. Those are awesome heels!!! Love the strappy sandals. A great dress as well. I say dress like this all the time, No need to have a reason other than you make it all look great! 😉


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