Hey loves! I’m super excited about this blog post because the designer I walked for is FABULOUSHer name is Korto Momolu (cut-toe mo-mo-lu). She was Project Runway’s runner-up during season 5. She actually earned a “fan favorite” prize because the audience loved her personality!

I just feel so honored to have modeled her clothing! All of her pieces were a work of art! I love how she makes the simpler pieces really stand out with different fabrics and textures. What I also love about her line is that the everyday woman can wear it! It’s not like some crazy Chanel styles (which I love) that are too exotic for the everyday woman.

Now the fashion show that her clothing was show cased in was the Indiana Black Expo Fashion Here&Now Fashion show. The whole show was centered around African or African inspired clothing. So all very colorful and bright!









All of Korto Momolu’s models (I am in the lime green dress and Korto is in the middle with the maxi dress)



The makeup artist and hair stylist totally (as I say) SLAYED ME! Which means they made me look flawless or they did a really amazing job. That’s what it generally means. All the makeup they used was provided by Mary Kay.

Check out my online portfolio LModelz.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day! God’s blessings to all!








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