Hey loves welcome back to my blog!

I recently made a trip to Chicago for a fashion show I had. I was super excited about doing a show in such a big city! It was the NBCC Fashion show, there were many celebrities there like Chef Roblé, Claudia Jordan, a chick from the Bad Girls Club (I don’t know her name) and others! It was an amazing feeling that all these highly known people were watching me as I worked the runway.

So before I had to go to get fitted, get my hair done and my makeup done, I had to go SHOPPING! At first I stepped into Forever 21, but I didn’t feel like shopping at a store that I already have in my city, so instead I went into ZARA. 

photo 1-7

The store was huge  and ontop of that, they were having a sale (the picture below doesn’t do the store justice!) Can somebody say HEAVEN?!  I didn’t have much time to really shop around which made me a little sad, so I just got two things.

photo 2-10


This was like 1/5 of the sale section.


photo 1-6


The first thing I picked out was this “Tell Me Yes” sweater. Its kind of a smooth material not knitted and in between it has mesh panels. I like buying winter stuff in the summer because it’s way cheaper to buy off season clothing.


photo 2-9

The second thing that I got is this unique jersey dress. I have never laid my eyes on such a cool jersey dress before. As you can see it has the jersey striped line border and the top of the dress has the see-through jersey material. The patterned part of the dress is just polyester. Very good quality material.

Now, after I went to Zara, my mom wanted to go to the Marshall’s over there real quick. Instead of her buying something, I’m the one who actually left with a pair of sandals. THEY ARE TO DIE FOR! It’s just these nude, two strap sandals that have been trending. The main reason why I got them was because they were only 16.99. The cheapest pair I have laid my eyes on. So I snatched them! (well I technically bought them haha).

photo 3-4


Well thank you guys for your support and remember to check out my Youtube channel DopeCuban !




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