Styling Vans

Recently I have started to wear Vans, so I decided to make a “Styling Vans’ video with some DIY pants inspired from @fromtrinity on Instagram. Tell me which outfit was your fave! Would love to hear some feedback.

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Thrift Haul

Hey loves! I have a new video on my Youtube channel, so go ahead and check it out! What was your #1 fave item in the video? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks for the support in advance!


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My Yellow Shearling Jacket

From the girl who was afraid to experiment with color, now wants every color of the rainbow in jacket form.

Guys, look, I have a crazy obsession over jackets it is ridiculous and on top of that I want to own every color possible. It’s great, because I have so many options to chose from for blog posts, but my closet can’t take another “I can’t live without this” jacket. But knowing myself, I will continue buying them *inserts shrug emoji*.

This jacket I bought from and its by a company called  Worth New York. It gave me Clueless/Yeezy vibes (their yellow shearling jackets), and of course “I can’t live without this” was stuck in my head, so here we are today, writing a post about it :).

Jacket// Thredup

Shirt// Depop

Jeans// Forever 21

Backless Loafers// Amazon Fashion


*Isn’t this edit that @hvk33mx did so dope?!

PC// @hvk33mx

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Spring Color: Pantone Greenery


Spring 2017’s trending colors are super vibrant and what you need in your closet. One of the colors is Pantone Greenery. I wanted to find the exact pantone color, but I definitely saw it on the runways from designers like Emilio Pucci and Balenciaga. Although their designs and styling are super high end, my version of wearing the color is everyday wearable/simple.

This jacket I actually thrifted at Goodwill and I thought the color was horrendous. I still bought it because I had seen some designers work with that color and decided it wouldn’t hurt my pockets as much. There are also rose detailing on the buttons, which is very current with the roses on everything trend. Fashion definitely comes back full circle.

Los colores de primavera para este año son extremamente vibrante y lo que necesitas en tu closet. Unos de los colores se llama Pantone Greenery. Para me es un verde feo, pero algo de lo feo me atrae ponérmelo. Diseñadores como Emilio Pucci y Balenciaga están usando ese color en las pasarelas.

Esta chaqueta la encontre en Goodwill y mi primer pensamiento fue, “Que feo esta este color.” Pero estaba barato, entonces lo compre para ver como iba a estilizarlo. Y aquí están las fotos, dime que piensas en los comentarios!

Jacket// Goodwill

Shirt// H&M

Jeans// BLK DNM

Booties// Zara


PC// @hvk33mx

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I am pretty convinced  that there is a metallic version to everything. Sneakers, pants, jackets, purses,heels, shirts and the list goes on. The metallic trend is something I am definitely into and everyone should try it. Even if it’s something small, like a choker or a small clutch. It just adds the extra UMPH to any outfit and will DEFINITELY make you stand out!

In this particular post though, I have a metallic bomber that I got from H&M for only 1o DOLLARS! There were so many in the sale section and I was really confused as to why there were so many on sale and why they were only 10. I got one immediately and didn’t even think twice about it :). I looked online and its actually more expensive, so go to your nearest H&M!

I styled this jacket with an all black outfit to tone it a bit down. The laced up shirt is actually a DIY from Raven Elyse Tv on Youtube, except I cropped mine. I thought it was such a cute and wearable version of the corset over a oversized tee look. I am all for the everyday wearable aesthetics being a college student!

Estoy convencida que hay una version metálica de todo. Tenis, pantalones, chaquetas, carteras, tacones, blusas y la lista nunca para. Estoy muy obsesionada con la moda de los metálicos y creo que todos uds deben de probarlo. Aunque sea algo pequeño como un choker o una carterita pequeña.

Compre esta chaqueta en H&M por solo 10 DOLARES! Estuve muy confundida porque había tantas bombers por un precio tan barato. Obviamente lo compre y estoy tan enamorada con esta chaqueta.


Shirt// DIY






PC// @hvk33mx @logan_deeter

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IT HAS BEEN A WHILE! I am sorry for abandoning you guys but you will see why I have been so busy and no time to blog lately.

I am finally done with my senior collection named “Feminine&Careless”. It consists of 6 looks and I designed these from scratch. What started off as a sketch is now real life! The process was very strenuous but I am happy it is finally complete. The Purdue Fashion Show was last week and it was such a stressful and anxious time to be alive. I thank God that I pushed through and conquered!

Created and styled by ME. Shot by @hvk33mx



Thanks so much for reading!

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90s Kid

Yellow tinted glasses, chokers, embroidered tops, patched denim jeans and the list goes on of current trends that are 90s inspired and I am here for it.

Glasses// H&M

Button up// Thrifted at Mission 27

Jeans// Fashionnova

Sneakers// Air Force Ones

Choker// DIY

Photography// @hvk33mx


So this buttoned up top I actually thrifted from Mission 27 Resale, (I have a post up about them already), but it is so beautiful! It is 100% silk and the embroidery detailing on it is beautiful. It also reminds me of the pajama top trend, another reason why I had to pick it up.

The denim choker I DIYed, the patched denim jeans are from, the belt is from Lulus and last but not least the dope yellow tinted glasses are from H&M. I love how the glasses look, total 90s aesthetic and IM LIVING FOR IT 24/7.












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Oversized and Baggy

Hey loves!

Here’s a little OOTD from 2 days ago. Thanks to Mission 27 resale shop in Indianapolis for the jacket and jeans. The striped lace up top is from Rue 21. I am currently obsessing over the over-sized look. I first saw Rihanna wearing her baggy clothing and instantly fell in love. Now, Instagrammers have been amplifying this trend and I am trying to get on board with photographs because I wear over-sized clothing SO MUCH!

Hola a todos, este es mi look de hace 2 días atrás. Gracias a Mission 27 resale shop en Indianapolis por los jeans y mi chaqueta. La blusa es de la tienda Rue 21. En este momento me encanta que todo me quede GRANDE! Primero vi a Rihanna con este tipo de estilo y ahora los Instagrammers estan amplificando esta moda. Necesito tomar mas fotos con esta moda porque me lo pongo todo el tiempo!

Jacket// Thrifted

Jeans// Thrifted

Top// Rue 21

Sneakers// Vans

Choker// Zaful






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